the next generation smartphone mount

CELLTACK is the first truly interchangeable smartphone docking system. Attach your mobile device to your bike while cycling, to your hand when walking, to your wall when charging and in your car while driving.


All components are interchangeable and engineered to an optimum balance between force, shape and size - just for the best possible usability and most convenient handling. CELLTACK is small but strong enough to lift up to six smartphones at once, so your device will be safely attached to your hand.


CELLTACK is the first wearable smartphone docking system. Designed as functional jewelry for your hand it works perfectly with iPhones and other smart mobile devices.


As every ring has its individual magnetic signature, we use this to recognize your interactions. This will provide enhanced features and options for customization, privacy, and safety. Imagine unlocking your device upon docking to your ring, or starting your GPS by docking to the dash of your car.